Spain vs Brazil 1934

The knockout format of the 1934 World Cup tournament meant that Brazil, Argentina and the United States only played one match each after their transatlantic voyages.
Here is an action shot from the Brazil v Spain match played at Stadio Luigi Ferraris, Genoa (27.05.34). Leônidas da Silva shooting wide, watched by Ricardo Zamora.
Brazil were 3-0 down in half an hour, Leônidas announced himself with a 55th minute strike. Brazil were awarded a penalty in the 62nd minute, but Zamora, playing in his 43rd international, saved from Waldemar de Brito.


Adolf Jäger

Adolf Jäger of Altonaer F.C. 1893 (Hamburg) represented Germany 18 times (1908-24) scoring 11 goals.




Hakoah Vienna line up at New York's Polo Grounds, May 1926.
back: Fabian, Eisenhoffer, Schwarz, Neufeld, Hess, Drucker, Häusler, Grünwald;
front: Wegner, Pollak, Wortmann, Gold.


France 1906

01.11.06- Parc des Princes, Paris. France's 5th international match and the first appearance of the England Amateur international side.
The English romped home by 15-0. Vivian Woodward deliberately missed a penalty at 10-0 as he thought the referee had been harsh in a handball decision.

 The French side was:
Zacharie Baton 
Olympique Lillois
Fernand Canelle 
Club Français
Henri Moigneu 
U.S. Tourcoing
Charles Wilkes 
Havre Sports
Pierre Allemane (capt)
Racing C.F.
Louis Schubart 
Olympique Lillois
Emile Sartorius 
R.C. Roubaix
Marius Royet
U.S. Parisienne
André François 
R.C. Roubaix
Gaston Cyprès 
C.A. Paris
Julien Verbrugghe 
A.S. Français